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"Altar-ing" The Course

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I originally started this abstract paper sculpture series as another "harmony-with-the-earth" statement (See my "IN HARMONY" pieces here). These 3-D geometric artworks were going to have mangrove branches coming out of nooks and crannies..... BUT, it just didn't work - this is one of the joys (and challenges!) of making art - I may start with a solid idea for my paper sculpture, but in the process, I begin to see something different.

What I saw were ALTAR spaces, a familiar shape and theme for my abstract sculpture artwork. So, this series of three 3D sculptures capture, for me, the feeling of a sanctuary, a space that confronts the spiritual seeker with an altar and the opportunity to open oneself to a higher power. What do you see?

Here are some 'in-progress' photos and what one of the pieces looks like in a home decor setting:

See more details about these pieces HERE, as well as my other geometric abstract sculptures.

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