First Place
Banyan Study 300 

"Like huge articulated fleshy nearly human limbs reach and stretch across this composition. Deborah. Perlman puts us, the viewers right in the tree. We don't know how high because there is no ground reference, yet we see the sky and the sunlight as it is filtered through the canopy of leaves. We feel as though we are probably being kept safe by these huge tree beings. Although the world we are given to observe seems much more pleasant than presenting any kind of threat."





Honorable Mention

Banyan Branch 200

"I would love to see this artwork in person. The depth and layers that this special technique of overlays give us, the viewers, that urge to climb the tree. The tree is alive with the shape, strength and sensuality."




Best in Show

Banyan Space 300

"The subtle and muted colors ranging from grays to green and blues, within this special mixed media art invite the viewer to look again and again. What especially struck me about this particular piece was the unique placement of items branching over each other and the attention to detail. The work as a whole – the art, the matting and framing – really is effective. A successful work!"

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