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Who's on the Screen?

Updated: Aug 7

"Screen Shots" Series

The pandemic transformed the way I needed to communicate, attending more virtual meetings with friends, family, and colleagues. “Screen Shots #1 and #2” are the first in a series of works depicting quick takes of people and the spaces behind them, seen during these virtual gatherings.

Some aspects of this new reality were great: virtual meetings bridged geographical barriers; it was easier to stay in touch with loved ones; and I was able to connect to online fellowships that fostered belonging and support.

But I also sensed isolation and some detachment from the real world – both in myself and others. I wondered how to portray people I saw on the screen and decided to use silhouettes. It presents the dichotomy between protecting their privacy while getting an intimate glimpse into their homes – pictures on the wall, books on their shelves, pets on their laps. The result is a space somewhere between real and imagined, sliding in and out of reality.

More “Screen Shots” to come …… For more details on #1 and #2, CLICK HERE.

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