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My artwork transforms collage into three-dimensional sculptures, converting flat images into raised architectural forms that add depth, texture and shadows. By cutting, scoring, and folding paper, I create these forms, then combine them with photographs, wood, fabric, metal and other materials. The juxtaposition of these elements -- casting shadows and highlighting contact points – enhances the intention of each piece.


The forms and spaces in my work exist between the real and the imagined. Each piece invites you to travel through doorways, walkways, ramps, and passages, leading you to spaces filled with mystery, questions, and the unknown.  These paths may evoke feelings of peace, protection, and a deeper understanding of your spirit. 


My works are visual metaphors for issues that impact me, from environmental concerns and global conflicts to the quest for inner peace. I immerse myself in this ‘almost-but-not-quite-real’ world and invite you to join me. Walk in and ask yourself: What is it? Where is it? What do I see and feel? And ultimately, do I find myself in it, or not?

Through these questions, I aim to foster deeper connections and understanding, encouraging introspection and the recognition of our shared experiences



"Your work really tries to visualize what’s between the black and the white; to show that our reality is more complex than what we’ve been taught to understand. Through your work, you show and teach; I think that’s an incredible role for an artist to play in our world."

Deborah Perlman-working in studio-2_edited.jpg
Screen Shot #4
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