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Depicting an ‘almost-but-not-quite-real’ world somewhere between authentic and imagined, my art celebrates ambiguity, sliding in and out of reality, and compelling me to challenge previous ideas and established thoughts. 


I find excitement and mystery in three-dimensional forms and spaces. Creating wall-mounted sculpture draws me in, challenging me to go beyond what I know and uncover what I don’t. It’s thrilling yet at times unsettling, continually bringing me to new awareness and understanding. Simply put, the work frees my spirit.


My goal is to create spaces that challenge the senses, evoke emotion, and ask you to consider:

  • What is it?

  • Where is it?

  • What do you see and feel?

  • Do you find yourself in it, or not?


Inspiration has come from many personal experiences throughout the years. Recently, global issues such as climate change, prejudice and divisiveness are finding their way into my work.


I’m currently working with paper, photographs, wire mesh, flat aluminum wire, wood, plastic, and adhesives, and continually looking for new materials to integrate into each piece. Building three-dimensional forms, I adhere each element to the base, then juxtapose them to highlight their points of contact and the shadows they cast.


I invite you to glimpse into my interpreted world and find your place within it.   

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