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How Did This Happen?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I started this abstract bas relief sculpture by crushing and tearing paper and tucking it inside the architectural forms (see below). I wanted to create amorphous forms that hinted of shrubbery, to contrast with the hard-edged built forms.... my idea was to create a sculptural collage that depicted the hopeful harmony of the natural world and that which is manmade.

BUT when executed, I didn't like it! This happens on a regular basis, and I have learned to go with my gut and rethink the piece. There are so many unknowns in the artist's creative process - which makes it challenging as well as exciting!

TIME TO REGROUP - what happened next? I removed the crushed paper (still a possibility for another project) and began to contemplate the space.... I started seeing a few gateways leading to something mysterious and beyond reach. The sculptural spaces felt haunting yet inviting, as they drew me in to find out where they would lead.

THE WORD 'SANCTUARY' started to pop into my mind. I began to emphasize the two gateways, creating an inner sanctum in this geometric sculpture. My (new) intention was to confront my spiritual self and create a 3D space for reflection, meditation, and peace. With all of the chaos, crises and divisiveness happening around the world, I feel compelled to center myself and find my inner peace.

Here are the in-progress photos and the finished sculpture, called "Sanctuary."

LEARN MORE about this paper sculpture bas relief and my other geometric abstractions.

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