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The mangrove tree, found in South Florida’s coastal and brackish waters, is a wonder, twisting and turning into itself and nearby plants and trees. I printed the original photo onto archival drawing paper, then cut it into sections and mounted the pieces, with some elevated to emphasize the dynamics of the space. After mounting, I drew into the piece with colored pencil, graphite, and charcoal, to highlight shape, form, and shadow.


Accolades for this work:

  • Fifth Place, Mixed Media Category, “All Planet Earth Exhibit,” Contemporary Art Gallery


This work is professionally framed and ready for hanging. The framed dimensions are 18” H x 24” W x 1” D.  The work has a dark green/gray wood frame with a dark gray mat and is covered by Plexiglas

  • Mixed Media

    Framed Dimensions

    18"H X 24"W  x 1"D
    (46 cmH x 61 cmW x 2.5 cmD)


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