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From Inspiration to Transformation:

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

"Shelter Us"

Creating this geometric abstract paper sculpture "Shelter Us" did not happen in a 'straight' line! I started sketching after looking at photos of architect Frank Gehry's spectacular sculptural buildings. I was excited by the play of geometric abstraction and especially wild over how his Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles practically danced along the street with its lyrical, sculptural panels, revealing shadowy spaces that appeared mystical to me, drawing me in. I saw pathways and found myself asking: where will they lead me? Below is the photo that got me started and my first sketch:

I was excited about this direction -- UNTIL I happened to turn the sketch on its side and saw something else entirely! The evolving sculpture seemed to emphasize the more spiritual quality of the space I mentioned earlier, and spoke to my inner spirit. At the same time, world events shook me to the core. I found myself looking for peace, serenity, and shelter. This work seemed to transform as I sought a safe harbor. Below are the steps I took to find closure for this paper abstract sculpture and shelter from the storm.

For more details about "Shelter Us" and other my abstract paper sculptures, CLICK HERE.

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