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This is the Book We Never Wrote: "I Didn't Know You"

About 20 years ago, I wrote a collection of personal essays, describing various life experiences, relationships, and milestones. I always intended to publish them someday. When my son Ari learned of this project, he said, “We should do this together- you write the essays and I’ll illustrate them!” We both loved the idea; he was a phenomenal artist, brimming with spontaneity and unbound imagination. Sadly, it was not meant to be: Ari passed away in 2020.


Now, I want to bring our project to life through a ‘book’ of artworks. Each collage in this series represents one of my essays, featuring excerpts incorporated into the background. ‘Chapters’ explore themes of forgiveness, love, friendship, and healing. Throughout this journey, I felt Ari’s presence, guiding and encouraging me. May his memory be a blessing.

"I Didn't Know You"

"I Didn’t Know You" was inspired by my personal essay on the parent-child relationship. This collage delves into how childhood impressions can shape our perceptions of parents, often solidifying in our minds for years, if not a lifetime. As I navigated adulthood and faced my own challenges, I began to reassess these early impressions, leading to a new understanding of my parents. I now believe that they did the best they could, and that we loved each other, even if we really didn’t know each other.


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