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This Was a Surprise.....

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

A mixture of ideas - - the climate crisis, M.C. Escher’s illogical perspective artworks, and my fascination with geometric shapes - - went into the blender and out came this piece! The result was a complete surprise to me, yet, it reflects back on my earlier “In Harmony” series, which addresses my dream for the healthy and respectful coexistence of that which is manmade and the natural world.

“Nature-Tecture” joins together architectural forms with plant life - thus the play on words in the title. A serious question arises in my mind: Will we be able to protect the planet and the life we know today, or will the changes in the climate force us to live in a new reality?

And yet, there is a brighter side to this piece: my choice of playful colors and a new mix of materials (fine wire mesh, wood, art markers, wire, photos and paper), hints of optimism and discovery. This decision was also a surprise - a happy one. Today, I choose to focus on solutions, positivity, and joy.

See the process and more details below:

For price and more details about this work, CLICK HERE.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 29, 2022

Love the tension you created with the bold colors. Yet I sense a symbiotic relationship between the nature and human-made sides.

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